Yungblud Life On Mars Tour Alexandra Palace review

October 11, 2021 | By:

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Photo taken from the Yungblud Facebook Page

Ecstatic barely describes the feeling of being able to attend the Yungblud concert held at London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. The first gig for myself and and many others in two years since the end of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic there was not a more fitting venue for this amazing Artist. From the very beginning Dom was nothing but engaging, energetic and fully mesmerising through to the very end of the show with the entire audience fully captivated. Yungblud have to be one of my favourite Artist’s to see as the songs are all catchy, fun and have you dancing from the very onset of the show.

With a unique and quirky entrance complete with electric and acoustic guitar food court performer playing there was a variety of food and drinks available suitable for all before and during the gig .Once entering the main area there were amazing opening bands performing killer set’s warming the crowd up for Yungblud.

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Photo taken from the Yungblud Facebook Page

Opening with known catchy tunes such as Strawberry Lipstick and Parents it immediately got the crowd going causing excitement to rise with Dom incorporating a lot of crowd participation in with his well known hits. With the tempo building throughout as song’s like new single ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Mars’ encouraged the whole audience to sing along. Not only is Dom musically talented but also carries such a love for his fans and all others he regularly encourages people to look out for one another throughout the show and to make sure that if someone fell they would be picked up by a fellow gig goer. With a Fast paced and alluring show unfolding favourites like ‘Medication’ and MGK cover ‘I Think I’m Okay’ are played after an extensive set list leading into the soon to be encore. With a combination of amazing sound, lighting, pyrotechnics and Dom’s exceptional stage presence the entire show could not be flawed. With a four song encore wrapped up with ‘Machine Gun’ Yungblud’s Life On Mars Tour was certainly the event needed to begin October and the rebirth of live music for many.

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Photo taken from the Yungblud Facebook Page

I had an amazing time at this event and loved every minute of Yungblud, I will certainly be on the lookout for upcoming music and any future dates!