Trivium – Crusade

March 9, 2009 | By:

Trivium – Crusade

Matt K Heafy – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Corey K Beauleu – Vocals/Guitars
Paulo Gregoletto – Bass
Travis L Smith – Drums

Label: Roadrunner


Sounding much like they have just graduated from the Metallica school of metal, Trivium return with their much anticipated third offering Crusade.

Back at the helm is trusted engineer Jason Suecof sharing production credits with Trivium themselves.

Departing from the sound of Ascendancy, Heafy is much more confident in his singing voice, doing away with the metal-core screams and giving way to what could only be described as vocal harmonies in the epic chorus contained in “this world can’t tear us apart” .

Bringing to mind glimpses of Metallica’s ride the lighting in tracks such as “unrepentant” and “to the rats”, Trivium look set to raise the bar once again for metal bands. The riffs are tighter and more technical, melodies more structured. Aboard their fast train to becoming metal legends Trivium show’s signs of band that has picked up experience and maturity.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago this same band was plugging away on myspace, now they can be seen currently touring the world promoting their latest works.

The boys are set to hit UK shores in December on the last leg of their close to sold out tour.

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