This Is Menace – The Scene Is Dead (Fourth Wall Records) 24/09/2007

April 15, 2009 | By:

With mammoth number of contributors from no less than 19 bands! This album was always set up to be a fantastic hybrid. With the list of artists singing/playing on this album involving the likes of Killing Joke, Funeral for a friend, The Ghost of a thousand and Pitchshifter you were always going to get a high paced incendiary device. This does not fail to deliver! However at Rock Industry HQ we were not blessed with track names not that it matters as every single one is a monster, one that when it surfaces for purchase in September should be first on your list of things to buy that day. With the album artwork being banned in a few European countries that see nothing wrong with selling porn to the masses on their high streets its bound to get a few backs up, and so it should! Amazing album, amazing sound and amazing to drive to (however watch your speed its easy to get carried away) [8]

Words: David Massen