The Parlotones, One Last Secret & Huevo and the Giant at King Tuts

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Once again, the fools at Glasgow’s outlying rock house King Tut’s let their guard down. With a swift murder, 20 foot crawl through a ventilation shaft and a graceful landing on my neck, Rock Industry had access to another gig, featuring The Parlotones, with guests One Last Secret & Huevo and the Giant.

Artsy. Or a stroke.


The night seemed to be haunted by the ghost of a disgruntled sound engineer. Huevo found their mics weren’t on as they started their set, valiantly trying to play through until the problem was rectified, but had to give up and take a second run at it.
OLS had no initial problems til Fraser’s guitar went to that great big studio in the sky, leaving him borrowing (stealing) a guitar from a generous (ambushed) Parlotone while Wesley at first kept the crowd occupied with a brief rendition of We Will Rock You, followed by making fun of Fraser and encouraging the audience to do the same. Friends. Nothing like them.
Then when the Parlotones graced the stage, the first few minutes were san-guitar (not related to Fraser) and the lead mic was silent as the proverbial lambs. They powered through and rocked the house. Unfortunately for those watching the video, I was jammed at the front by the crowd and couldn’t do my usual orbiting of the band, leaving me stuck in front of the right side speaker when the guitar roared back into life.

Overall, it was a great night. Huevo and the Giant had  a lighter sound reminiscent of the Silencers, followed by the anthemic rock of One Last secret, leading into the Parlotones’ atmospheric mix of The Killers and A Clockwork Orange (really, look at the photos and watch the video. Several times. We need the traffic.) It was a good arrangement, like a musical arc.



[youtube id=”WO5pMASTW3M” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Not fond of moving images? Here’s some stills for you to digest.


Huevo and the Giant

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One Last Secret

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I bumped into Fraser from the band and got talking about their upcoming album following the usual pleasantries, such as “How did you get in here?”, “Please don’t hurt me” and “What’s that smell?”

The gist of it was OLS will be bringing out a full size album in the future. They’ve got about 16 songs and they’re in the process of condensing it down to 12. While it was never planned as a concept album, there are some underlying themes that suggest its kinda happened by accident. When asked for anything concrete, Fraser responded excitedly “We definitely know what the last song will be.”
So that’s something, I guess. I look forward to reviewing it like I did their previous work.

If you didn’t see them last time we were present, here’s the pretty video and article.

[youtube id=”5wIkqefpMuU” mode=”normal” align=”center”]


The Parlotones

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The Parlotones finished with a well rounded slew of great songs. The boys from Johannesburg found a warm reception in Glasgow. Their history in well crafted media ties and publicity was all stripped away as they let their rock do the talking.

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