The Rock Industry Playlist #2

June 19, 2018 | By:

A roundup of some of the latest rock songs

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Art of Deception – Dark Psychosis

Astray Valley – Northlights

The Broken Horizon – Oui

Coldbound – The Invocation

The Dose – Vervain

Eat Defeat – A Little Less Than OK

Ghost – Rats

Gran Noir – Aerial View

Hoth – Vengeance

Johnny Mafia – Big Brawl

Lana Blac – Suck You In

The Less Fortunate – Alive

Sarea – Lost Cause

SAVVIE – Creature of Habit

Sentia –¬†Bruisin’

Stormzone – Cushy Glen

Unitra – Enforcer

Welles – Hold Me Like I’m Leaving


This playlist is updated weekly. We have also created a growing playlist which features all the songs that are included in our weekly roundup which you can find by clicking here so you don’t miss anything!