Susperia Interview – Issue 2

March 9, 2009 | By:



Tonight’s the last night of your first UK tour since you played a gig in London last year, have you enjoyed it?

(M) Yes, we have enjoyed it a lot, we’ve had a good audience, although the British audience can be hard to convince, you have to prove yourself!

That’s the good old British stiff upper lip!

(M)(laughing) yeah!

Have you had any interesting rock star moments on the tour so far?

(M) When we played in Camden we had one crazy fan crowd surf right into one of the guitars, luckily he didn’t break the guitar (Laughing)!

Your set to tour the USA soon for the first time, are you looking forward to it?

(M) I’m not sure, the US is a ruff market, you can be treated like shit if you’re not on a big label. It has to be done though. Its important. We are selling loads of records there without even having played there before, its never been heard of! Its important for us to go there for the fans.

You did a tour of Mexico a while back, what was that like?

(M) Mexico was amazing! We actually got to tour around a bit too which was great. The ‘Devil May Care’ was actually filmed there.

What were the fans like?

(M) The Mexican fans were amazing, they’re very dedicated!

Your new album is out next year, any hints on the name yet? Go on you know you want to tell me!

(M)Well, I cant tell you because we haven’t decided yet (laughing)! There’s a few ideas we’re deciding on, we have to come up with one soon though!

How is the album going?

(M)We’re trying to merge the best music styles into one, we like to be called ‘extreme metal’. We get compared to Metalica and Pantera and we aren’t like them we have our own sound.

How do you come up with your album titles?

(M) The first few albums were just one word. Like ‘Predominance’ was the first one because we wanted to establish our place and that we were predominant, the last one ’Unlimited’ was because we wanted to show there’s nothing we cant do and that we were unlimited basically. We use inspiration from phases the band are going through and moments we have like in the studio.

Where do you find the inspiration behind your music and your lyrics?

(M) We don’t care about religion or politics, we don’t want to be labelled. Athera (vocalist) draws inspiration for his lyrics from emotions, things he’s seen on TV, he’s even written a song about child abuse, all sorts of issues really, except politics.

Are there any bands that have influenced you?

(M) Bands that have personally influenced me, well being a bass player I look for bands that have good bass players. I used to listen to ‘Overkill’ a lot when I was younger and a lot of death metal. Now I’m getting older I just listen to the stuff I want to listen to (laughs)!

You made history in Norway when the ‘Devil May Care’ broke the top 20 album chart, do you feel under pressure to better that?

(M)Well we were the first Norwegian metal band to do that so it was very exciting. Don’t really feel under pressure, if we start to think like that you will make bad albums, it can make you crap. Once we’ve made an album its done, never look back. New album, move on and learn from your experiences on the way.

Do you have ambitions to break the UK album chart?

(M) If we could break the UK would be lovely!!

Satryicon have just signed to Roadrunner Records , would you ever sign to a major label?

(M)Personally I would prefer to be a big band on a small label, than a small band on a big label, you end up being  a number in their catalogue.

Do you think your would be critised by your fans for mainstream success or would the fans support you?

(M)They shouldn’t criticise us, they should support us, the bigger the label, the better the opportunity to buy our music. it’s the same music whether the label is big or small.

You recently became a reality TV star when TVRomerike covered the lead up to your wedding, how did your big day go?

(M) It was a great . They did 8 shows in total.

Was your wife happy with all the camera?

(M) We loved the attention! I should have been a vocalist, I love all the attention (laughs).

Why did you take part?

(M) Susperia are a lot bigger in Norway, so a local TV company offered to pay for the wedding if they could document it.

Do you think having a newly wed in the band will influence the new album, could we be seeing a softer side to Susperia?

(M)(Laughs) No way!!