Sunday Recovery – Coma – Review

September 15, 2011 | By:

Italian rockers, Sunday Recovery, release their album Coma on 3rd October on Mazepa Records and we just got a copy through the gates of hell. First impressions… Awesome!

The opening track ‘Private Joke’ offers up some beautiful riffs and great lyrics and takes you back to days of Radiohead (The Bends) but for us ends a little too quickly. This album is definitely a summer sounding album and its a shame it wasn’t released earlier, those are the breaks we guess.

The band certainly do this for the love and dynamics of the music, the title track ‘Coma’ is very heartfelt and full of soundscapes like medical heart monitors and synths, a common element throughout the album.

To us this sounds very much like it could be a film soundtrack which gives it a great feel but also unless you fully understand the concept or story behind it, might prove difficult to get into. If you just want something to fill a silence in your head this album does that and a lot more and is certainly worth listening to.

Tracks like ‘Pornstar’ and ‘Side C’ are worth a definitely repeated listening to and overall the album has something to offer most rock fans. The album is polished and clean sounding with even a hint of REM in the vocals. This might not appeal to some people but will most definitely have something for most people on there. Our favourite? the last track which made this review worth doing just for that song.

Words: Dave Massen