SLIPKNOT – New Song!

August 1, 2014 | By:

Iowa’s masked madmen Slipknot have finally released a brand new song after various teases on their official website. The teases included flashing samples of typically gory imagery from the ‘Knot alongside captions containing words that gradually formed a cryptic message:

The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient (THEY ALL WILL FALL)
The Cystic/Symbolic/Condition (SYSTEMIC)
Egregious/Replete With/These Lesions (CONTAMINATE)
Succumb To/The Selfish/Creation (YOUR FAILURE)

It turns out that this cryptic message is in fact lyrics to a brand new song called “The Negative One” which can now be listened to via the bands official website.

This is the first material unveiled from the iconic band since the death of long time bassist Paul Gray in 2010, and the still mysterious departure of much loved drummer Joey Jordison in December of last year. Who is playing these respective instruments on the new song is yet to be confirmed, as is whether the track will be appearing on the groups forthcoming follow-up to 2008’s All Hope Is Gone.