Skindred Show Time Tour At The Roundhouse London Review

October 11, 2021 | By:

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Photo taken from the Skindred Facebook page

After such a long wait for the world to be able to return to watching our favourite bands on stage following the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic Skindred live at the Roundhouse London did not disappoint. Raw talent, stage presence and unique sound alone made this one of the best events of the year. From their first moment of entry to the Star Wars Imperial March song suspense began to build and every member of the audience from sitting to standing knew the performance of the month was about to commence.

Boasting a wide selection of music taken from their collection of albums from new songs to renown classics that have everyone singing along Skindred had the perfect combination of putting on an amazing performance and incorporating a vast amount of crowd participation keeping us all engaged from beginning to end. Skindred known for their exceptional Reggae, Rap, Punk and Metal cross over genre kicked the show off with ‘Stand For Something’, ‘Rat Race’, ‘Sound the Siren’ and ‘Doom Riff’ bringing the tempo up in the crowd and setting the tone for how the show would proceed. Jumping into old school classic ‘Pressure’ Benji had the whole audience singing along to this well loved hit before the famous thirty second sandwich challenge in which someone from the audience comes up and attempts to finish the food in thirty seconds for the chance to win an amazing prize which in this case was tickets for the next Slipknot gig.

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Photo taken from the Skindred Facebook page

With none other than a sword wielding man in Ninja fancy dress gracing the stage to introduce the start of loved song ‘Ninja’ followed swiftly by ‘Kill The Power’ excitement continued to rise throughout London Roundhouse. The tempo was slowed slightly at this point for a great Acoustic song ‘Saying It Now’ which reflected on all of the hard times everyone has endured of late and showcasing their amazing musical diversity and unique sound. Skindred’s well known and arguably favourite song for many fans ‘Nobody’ was played as the wrap up before the encore which saw the whole venue singing and dancing along. In the two minutes that everyone prepared for the encore the joy in the air was almost tangible as although bittersweet that the show was due to end soon everyone knew that it was almost time for the Newport Helicopter to which all fans began to prepare their spare T-shirt’s etc. Skindred burst back onto the stage with a ‘Duality’ cover before heading into ‘Warning’ the track we had all been waiting for. Like the legend’s Skindred are they asked the entire audience to get down so that everyone would jump up at once. With everybody down and T-Shirt’s in hand it was time, when the beat dropped and the crowd rose to their feet in dance hundreds of T-Shirts swirled in union to this unbeatable track. It was a truly mesmerising sight and a testament to how well this band engage with the audience. This was certainly a gig at The London Roundhouse I did not want to end as it was epic from start to finish.

Skindred without a doubt have to be one of the best band’s to see perform live so if you have the chance to get tickets…….. Do not miss them!

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Photo taken from the Skindred Facebook page