Set Your Goals – This will be the death of us – July 2009 [8]

August 20, 2009 | By:

This album, the second from SYG, on new label epitaph was always going to demand results. They had a good run on ‘Mutiny and things were shaping up for another career kill or cure.
The album starts with the title track, a catchy pop-punk riff fuelled track which sets the tone well and continues through with tracks like ‘Summer Jam’, ‘Fallen’ and ‘Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)’ to make this an album to be able to listen to again and again. Only thing that does seem a bit weird and slightly unfitting is Hayley from Paramore’s shouty bit half way through ‘The few that remain’ but this can be forgiven with an album that produces more quality than crap. You’d be forgiven if you think the album is just all shouty pop-punk metal fodder, tracks like ‘Arrival Notes’ give a softer feel to the album for a bit of a rest to cock out rocking.

The album is clean, crisp and well produced and builds on the successful first album without changing too much from the tried and tested method that has worked so well for the band on the first album. This is one that will stay with the top played list on a lot of radio stations and ipod playlists.

Does this album break new grounds? Do SYG take risks? no but do they need to? No….. what they produce is sound, somewhat safe at times but is full of catchy riffs and varied songs and a lot of them are definite singalong gig material. [8]

Words: Dave Massen