Saves The Day Interview (Leeds Festival 2012)

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So, in the guest/VIP area searching out my next interview, and I bumped into Chris and Arun from Saves The Day. Ashamedly admitting that I hadn’t had the time to listen to their albums, I thought I was going to be like a lamb being led to the slaughter. Chris and Arun were pretty forgiving about that, and pretty much agreed with me having an open minded approach to festivals and new music – Read what they said HERE.

NS – Right guys! You’re at Leeds fest, you played Reading yesterday, how was that?

STD – It was so much fun, amazing. We got to see The Cure, it was absolutely magical and our friends Paramore put on a crazy show before them so it was kinda neat to watch our pals share the stage with this massive legendary band so it was a cool experience. And on our stage, we were on right before the Bouncing Souls and Anti Flag and Every Time I Die so it was just an awesome, awesome day. Social Distortion headlined our stage yesterday and that was pretty wild, sharing a stage with them.

NS – I’ll keep an eye out for them later. So, how did your sound go down in Reading? Did it go down well?

STD – It was awesome. I mean we were definitely flying by the seat of our pants and it took until about the last second to get the monitors working which is typical.

NS – Yeah, This Is Hell said the same thing about that yesterday…

STD – It’s not ideal, having a thousand bands but it’s so much fun, you know. So once we started on time I knew that it was gonna be good. We were just worried that we wouldn’t get to go on, on time and we totally blazed through the set. It was awesome and a totally packed tent the whole time.

NS – Nice, not too bad at all. So, you released an album last year, what was that called, and how has it gone down?

STD – It’s called Daybreak and it’s been great, we’re touring on that now and about to go back to the studio to make another one.

NS – That was my next question….

STD – We are really happy with how the whole album cycle went and we reached a lot of new fans and our old fans love the new stuff so it feels like a really nice time for the band, we’ve got a lot of momentum going on.

NS – Would you say it’s a progression on the previous albums?

STD – Yeah, always. They’re always so different. I think Daybreak, in particular was a little bit more uplifting. The previous albums had been pretty down and more macabre about the harder.

NS – I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t actually listened to any stuff yet. I keeo meaning to, but I’m still getting into everything that you guys have to offer….

STD – Yeah, we’ve got a little bit of everything so chances are that there’s at least one album that you might like or at least one song. Our records really do change from year to year but Daybreak is definitely a breath of fresh air. The new stuff will be picking up from that and carrying that forward and it’ll be a lot bigger and brighter and happier sounding.

NS – So when do you reckon you’ll finish the next album? Have you got any names that you can give me?

STD – So far I call it ‘8’ in my notes cos it’s the 8th full length album so I don’t know if it’ll be called that but we’d like to have it recorded by the end of the year so that we can have it out early next year and then come back overseas for more touring in the Spring. So we have about a week left here in the UK and then a festival in Belgium and then we head home.

NS – Which festival in Belgium?

STD – Skate fest… So we do that and then we head home and start production. So we’re working out the studio logistics and all that and then get it done.

NS – I take it all the tracks are nearly ready then?

STD – More or less. I’d say the music is more or less there, the skeleton for about 10 tracks is already there, we just need to flesh it out altogether. It’ll have 11 songs.

NS – Cool. Where else are you playing in the UK for the next week or so?

STD – Well tomorrow we go to Glasgow and then we’re in Birmingham and then er..

NS – I don’t envy you going to Birmingham!

STD – It’s alright. We understand why Black Sabbath sounds the way they do, being from there.

NS – They talk with funny accents down there!

STD – But I’m from Detroit so to me it’s like I’m alright with this.

NS – Really?!

STD – It’s brooding!

NS – Jeeeeez… So, after Birmingham, any more dates?

STD – I think we work our way towards Wales…before the Belgium show. I know we’re playing.. I should know this.. It’s all on our website.. Yeah… Maybe Cardiff… yeah.

NS – I’ll check the website when I’m transcribing later, and typing this out. So…. What are you expecting from Leeds tonight, are you expecting the same kinda thing that you had in Reading?

STD – Yeah, I imagine it’ll be more or less the same show but it’s nice to be in a different town now cos you get a different flavour from the audience. So I’m excited to see what the audience brings to the stage today. I mean on the main stage as well, I mean I think the main stage yesterday had an awesome crowd yesterday so I’m curious to see what it’s gonna be it’s like.

NS – It started raining last night so thousands of people in droves were going that way.

STD – Reading was getting pounded today!

NS – That’s OK, apparently we’re going to get it later, thunder and lightening.

STD – I heard it was gonna be…

NS – I hope it’s OK. I’ve got my poncho like, just in case!

STD – We’re in a tent!!

NS – Ha! What time are you guys on stage? 5.40 isn’t it?

STD – 5.40 on the lock up stage.

NS – Yeah cool, well I’ll definitely be down there and see you there. I’ll be there, don’t you worry!

STD – Try to come along man. Alrighty.

NS – I’ll be there – I PROMISE!

STD – Let us know what you think as you’ve never heard us.

NS – I know, I feel bad, terrible even.

STD – You know, that’s what’s great about festivals.

NS – I know, I discover so many new bands and acts, I get so much from events like this..

STD – You come here to work, or you just see that one or two favourite bands and you just walk about and catch up with folks..

NS – For me it’s an open mind. I like to go into things with an open mind and think ah right, OK, I’ve never seen these guys but I’ve spoken to them and I need to go see them.. It gives me the edge to want to go see you guys.

STD – For sure!!!

After the interview, Chris and Arun promised to catch up with me after their set for a few beers and to watch some acts; As it happens, I caught their set, thought they were amazing, but then wondered into the crowd with my beer to get festival crazy, completely forgetting about my intended rendezvous – SORRY GUYS!! Next time they’re in the UK, I’m gonna go to a show, and then get them steaming drunk, as an apology for missing them after the show…