Saosin Interview – Issue 1

March 9, 2009 | By:

The job of writing and interviewing bands is a dream job and as part of Rock Industry Magazines vision we like to include the details of our writers and how the interview came about or the weird circumstances in which it took place. Saosin’s interview was one of those weird experiences as they were in Australia when I caught up with them. They were just relaxing before their nights performance in Perth. I caught up with them at 3pm oz time……..7am UK time. I was on the phone with Cove Reber for the interview. They have a great system where I got to speak to a well spoken gent from EMI first who told me we had an amount of time and kept interrupting to give me a time check all the way through! Here is the main meat of the interview.

Dave: How’s the tour going?

Cove: Awesome thanks! We have just started getting ready for tonight’s set in Perth.

Dave: So what’s it like playing the taste of chaos tour?

Cove: Great, playing with these bands, playing with bands I used to go watch is amazing.

Dave: How did you guys start out?

Cove: We got together later after the initial line up and started playing for ourselves. The band didn’t really promote much before but we found a new sense of urgency and the EP the band first released started to get us a lot of support. Then with this massive support we got and the interest we started getting bigger gigs which lead to even bigger stuff.

Dave: Taste of chaos, world wide tour, EMI wanting you and your fantastic album. What tips can you give to those starting out?

Cove: Keep at it. Decide what you want and make it happen, if your plan is to play once a month then do it but if your plan is to play 10 times a month make it happen. Set goals and keep focussed, things will happen eventually if you are good.

Dave: Ok the album, what’s your favourite track off it?

Cove: Probably ‘Bury your head’, as it meant so much to me making it and there’s so much raw emotion in it. ‘Voices’ was really cool. A lot of material was off the original demo’s we put together. The album took a while to make because of the fact we wanted things perfect.

Dave: Some fans would say too long.

Cove: Lots would say that but they appreciate the value of this album and the trust people have put into us in such a short space of time.

Dave: So next stop, the UK. Do you prefer the UK fans?

Cove: We haven’t done much in the UK but the fans are really emotional and seem to love our music. We cant wait to come over. It’s a dream to be where we are playing with bands like Anti Flag and a band I remember seeing when I was younger, Taking Back Sundays. We were on third the other day so the line up isn’t always the same. We have the second highest merchandise selling after the show so we are going down well here so far, let’s hope it’s the same in the UK.

I thanked Cove Reber for his time and then went for a well earned sleep after being up so early!

The album is out now and available from most records stores worth an ounce of respect. I heavily tip Saosin (‘Say-oh-sin’ they have so many debates about the pronunciation of the name) for big things next year. I also recommend Cove’s own personal choice for good things this year, Underoath. You can check out these bands on their websites and I strongly recommend you go to a UK gig to see them both! and and buy their stuff. I have them in my collection and I cannot stop playing Saosin’s album!