Papa Roach Interview – Download 2009

June 13, 2009 | By:

Tobin and Tony join us backstage from one of the most influential and kick ass bands of a generation to tell us about their previous jobs and the future of the Church Of Papa Roach
How you enjoying it so far?

Tobin: Yeah its great, nice weather and got to see a bunch of sober people but i know that’s about to change after dark probably, so we shall see who turns into vampires, werewolves, goons, and ghouls. Generally its just another day that ends in ‘Y’.

Tony: Or ‘load’ <laughs>

So have you had chance to catch anyone yet?

Tobin: No we’ve been doing press but as soon as we are done we will be playing our own brand of rock and roll and then watch some cool acts. Def Leppard I am really looking forward to, I’ve been a really big fan since i was a kid but I’ve never seen them live.

So what are you guys going to play tonight? anything different?

Tobin; Our greatest hits! 45 minutes of pure ‘Kill, fight, fuck!’ Papa Roach rock and roll

Tony: Thrown up, kiss, kick, love, shit and piss. Its the whole gamut.

Sounds good, is the new album, going well so far?

Tony: Yeah we are very excited about it! Were coming our playing sold out shows, kids are singing along to our songs. It just gets better and better all the time.

Tobin: The new video for ‘I thought i told you that i loved you’ is out on Monday too so that’s pretty sweet!

Whats your favourite to play off the album?

Tony: Intro from days of war into change or die, i just love it. It’s one of those songs that you just stick it in your CD player and go wow! It grabs you from the speakers and makes you listen.

Tobin: I like the whole album, i love all my kids the same

Do you guys think your style has changed over the years? mostly for good or some for bad?

Tobin: I think we are better looking now than we were 5 years ago! You know how it is, we get better with age.

Does it feel odd playing the older songs now?

Tobin: No man we bring new energy to those songs now so they sound even better, especially having a new drummer like Tony.

Tony: Nothing is old to me yet, everything is new cos I’m new so it is all excited. So whatever song we decide to play is new and we have brought back some old songs which I loved listening to. So I mentioned some old songs and they brought them back and the kids are digging it!

So How are they treating you?

Tony: Awesome man, people are genuinely stoked that the band are still together and they don’t blame me for being the new guy. They just say “Thanks for joining the band” as they don’t want to see it disband. Drummers are disposable, we get up there and hit shit we can be replaced. I have been in 4 bands at once before but now i don’t have time and besides it is the Church of Papa Roach now, what more do i need?

OK, thinking back before Papa Roach what did you do for a living?

Tobin: I was a merry maid once, cleaning peoples houses!

Tony: I did everything from building to construction

Tobin: Tony was a Gigolo

Tony: I used to be a document delivery guy, mail person for a defence company, i carried secret documents.

OK lets wrap it up now, what would you do if you weren’t in Papa Roach?

Tobin: I’d be starting my own kick ass rock band, Tony would be fighting and clawing his way into NIN

Tony: I’d be producing and writing music for myself and other people and just being around music.

At that point we were signalled to wrap it up and we left them to go off and prepare for their kick ass set on the second stage.

Words: David Massen