Ones to Watch – [Interview/EP Review] Marvlec (released 14th May)

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At Rock Industry we like to champion bands that are not too well known and then in a few years time laugh at other so called ‘Publications in the know’ as they slowly catch up with what we have been saying for years. Well we have another band for you which we are loving here at Rock Industry Magazine – Marvlec

Marvlec are a new band from the US, who have opened for Fuel, playing their own brand of melodic hard rock. Comparable to the work of Tool, Shinedown, Seether and Pearl Jam, they take this template and add their own unique twist on the sound.

The band formed in 2009 when David Hamilton, the lead guitarist/vocalist, joined childhood friend Scott Dotson, drummer, all original Marvlec members. They both found inspiration in any negative goings-on in their lives, seeking to take them and change them into positive things. An uplifting and optimistic influence was created. When Ben May and Gustavo Lombana joined the band the four piece was complete.

Their EP ‘What you Waiting For’, due on the 14th May is catchy, hard hitting and takes all the right elements of decent rock music and produces a great rounded EP. Endeavor has great guitar and chanting drumming that explodes into an amazing anthemic track. Pack and Run reminds us so much of the best bands of the 90’s, an era for melodic rock that should be as timeless as these guys make it sound. What are you waiting for takes things to a new level twist that even the greats like pearl Jam would be impressed with and add the one element missing in so many new rock songs….great catchy tracks for the summer, even if the lyrics and songs are based on angst……

This band are on in our office a lot right now, get out there and discover what we all ready know before the other magazines catch up. We got chance to chat to the guys about their last 3 years and the future ahead:

RI: Where did the name come from Marvlec?

Marvlec: It’s a combination of two words, marvel and music. It means to marvel music.

RI: What have you guys been up to recently?

Marvlec: Well we bought a tour van. We are recording a few songs at Bieler Bros recording studio and hope to keep releasing new music following this EP

RI: The new EP, what are you most proud of?

Marvlec: The positive message we are getting across to people. Which is why we entitled the EP What Are You Waiting For.

RI: It’s due on the 14th May, tell us about it? Where was it produced, who
was involved (If anyone we may know)

Marvlec: Yes, we self produced and self released this EP. We recorded it at Iceman Studios in West Palm Beach where Daniel Colombo helped mix and engineer it.

RI: Are you due in the UK any time soon?

Marvlec: We have no plans set in stone, but one day we will make it out and play some shows. It is defiantly a dream of ours to play in the UK.

RI: You’ve been going since 2009, how did it all begin?

Marvlec: It began with David and Scott growing up together on the same street. Both playing different instruments in different style bands, finally coming together in 2009 to start Marvlec. We discovered Ben (bassist) who was playing for a different band and had him record bass for the EP. Then we meet our rhythm guitar player Gustavo to make it a four piece.

RI: Did you see yourself being where you are 3 years down the line? whats surprised you most?

Marvlec: We had no idea what to expect. We always want to progress as a band and musicians. We are still a young band with only an EP out. So we look forward to keep writing and releasing new catchy music.

RI: The video for Pack and Run, tell us how that concept came about

Marvlec: The director was inspired from the lyrics to come up with the story. Which is exactly what we hoped he would do. Nobleeye films did a great job finding locations and getting a team together for this video.

RI: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Marvlec: We will continue promoting this EP and tour the states more. We are currently writing new material and hope to release a full length soon enough. So keep your ears pealed because we have a lot more to come.

RI: When can we expect a full album?

Marvlec: We self released our EP and came across some challenges along the way. We’d like to get signed and have a label help to properly release a full length. We have enough songs but might release singles before getting to the full length.

RI: How do you guys relax?

Marvlec: Well we live in Florida so we are always finding the sun. Either at beaches or pools, girls in bikinis. Also being involved in music in any way possible. Playing shows, attending shows, supporting he scene. After playing a show we always encourage everyone to stay and hangout and there’s nothing more relaxing than hanging out with all your friends after playing a show.

See the brand new video for EP track ‘Pack and Run’ here:


Words: Dave Massen