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Photo taken from Nephila Facebook page

Can I start by saying a massive thank you for taking the time out to do this interview for Rock Industry Magazine.  Swedish rock with a twist Nephila consisting of  Stina Olsson – singer, Josephine Asker – singer, Johan Lööf – drums,  Jacob Hellenrud – guitar, Anton Athley – guitar David Press – Bass and Johan Larsson on organ this unique and outstanding band produce a 70s feel space rock alternative sound not short of great guitar solos, mixed elements and psychedelic melodies that only reinforces the talent and diversity this band possess.  

Around two months since the release of your self-titled debut album thing’s must be exceptionally hectic and exciting for Nephila at the moment  All of your fans who are itching to find out the latest updates here we go………

1)  What is the reason/inspiration behind five of the members wearing masks and why not the whole band?

To have the masks and all the décor and elements other than the music has been inspired by idols of ours such as Kiss and Alice Cooper combined with interest in cults, theatre and movies. It’s an important element of what Nephila is. Nephila grew up from the woods in Värmland. It reincarnates itself and we who wear masks are only tools for her to speak through. That’s why our faces doesn’t matter. What matters are the songs and what we sing about.

2) Exciting times now that you have released your debut album, did the Covid-19 Pandemic have any involvement when you chose to release this to the public?

We thought that during a time where we can’t physically meet each other and do things as we used to do, music has the power to heal and take us to places we’ve never visited without leaving our home. We felt like music is more important now than ever before. Even if we can’t play live, no one can ever stop the music from being played.

3)  With everything that has affected people individually, not only within the music industry during  these trying times, are there any tracks in particular that relate to personal struggles with the pandemic portrayed through the songs? 

The record was written before the pandemic about subjects as the environment, feminism, and animal rights. Subjects that reflects on the pandemic and the outcome of it. For example how we think of others then our self now. We help people who can’t leave their houses to get food, they have seen dolphins swim in Venice near land as the water got clearer as an affect of the pandemic and people not traveling as we used to do.

So in some ways, the record reflects on subject that are on topic now more than ever before.

4) With the music scene unfortunately still waiting to get going again do you have plans for any online gigs or shows?

We’ve done a live session that will be released soon, In an old orphanage in the woods. Also a new music video is coming soon for our song ”Clavata”. So some things are in the making right now. We also did our first gig in probably a year last week. It felt amazing, it made it clear why I started to play music.

5)  With festival season finally upon us and stages starting to welcome bands, do you have any gigs, festival or tour dates lined up?

Not any official yet unfortunately.

6)  What singles do you feel you will release next from the album and why?

We’ve done a video for Clavata that will be released really soon but we all have a special bond to the song ”Alla Galaxers Centrum”, so we will probably do something with that song too.

7)  Nephila has almost a retro feel to it which goes hand in hand with the theatrical and almost mystical aesthetic and sound.  What was the driving influence towards this direction?

Probably cause all of us used to dig though our parents records when we were younger and listened to bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and Alice Cooper. But also cause the music we make is supposed to feel alive, more than made in a computer. We want to sound as if we were to play live and I don’t know but maybe that has had an impact on why the music sounds more retro. That’s the boring answer to it. The right answer is that we’re all reincarnated from the 70s stuck in these young bodies to keep on spreading the retro-rock.

8) Even though it has only been two months since the debut album release do you have any ideas in the pipeline for future endeavours?  

Yes! We’ve talked a lot about the next album already haha. The writing process is my favourite part. It’s where we all can get creative and draw big musical-paintings without knowing what it will look like. It would be really fun to have more orchestral vibes on the next album.

9)  Do You have any plans for future collaborations with other artists?

Not right now,  but it would be fun to include some collaborations on the next album.

10) And finally what platforms are available for fans to purchase the new album or buy the vinyl with it’s amazing artwork?  

It’s available at our bandcamp, freighttrain, and record stores. Artwork made by the amazing Revolver Design, who put a face on the music. We could not have been happier with the result. 

Once again it has been an absolute pleasure Nephila and I for one can’t wait to see you live and listen to all future ventures!   

Thank you for having us! We hope to see you on the road!

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Photo taken from Nephila Facebook page