Motion City Soundtrack – Slam Dunk South Review

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Motion City Soundtrack - Slam Dunk South

Motion City Soundtrack hit the stage, armed with a collection of alternative pop punk anthems, perfect for a sunny day at Slam Dunk Festival. They kick off their set with ‘Better Open The Door’ into ‘When You’re Around’ both uplifting classics from their 2005 album ‘Commit This To Memory’, an all round fan favourite album, bundled with massive tunes guaranteed to make your toes tap.

Then onto one of their most iconic live songs ‘The Future Freaks Me Out’ getting the crowd dancing and singing loudly. The key element of Motion City Soundtrack is the fun factor. Their songs are at times lyrically quite solemn and deep, as well as iconically brilliant, but their pop melodies and quirky keyboard parts provide a fun fuelled set, with all the factors needed to guarantee the crowd have a fantastic time and let loose to some bouncy and energetic anthems. The band sail through a collection of songs from their first three albums, ommiting their latest album ‘Go’ completely and only two songs of their fourth album ‘My Dinosaur Life’. Although this may be slightly distressing for their hardcore fans, they play an ideal festival setlist mixed with some of their biggest songs off their most loved albums.

‘My Favourite Accident’ provides the crowd a key opportunity to open up the mosh pits, and so they do, and you can tell the crowd are enjoying every moment. They sail into two of their most loved songs, and possibly the best album openers of our generation, ‘Attractive Today’ and ‘Everything Is Alright’. As their set comes to an end, they leave the crowd wanting more, having such an excessive back catalogue means your never going to please everyone, but they certainly gave it a pretty good try!


Words by Jenna Hunter
Photos by Fay Cranham

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