Love Lights Driving – Bandana / Single Review

September 3, 2021 | By:

Out now, Love Lights Driving’s new single ‘Bandana’ may have been out in the world as a full edition beforehand, but it’s still turning heads. The radio edit version arranges the track better than expected and comes across as the quartet’s finest release to date. Self produced and made with computer samples, the track also features live instrument studio recordings.

Nathan of Love Lights Driving shares, “I remember making the song in my bedroom late one night after a party. I believe that it was a Halloween party. I remember it was a crazy fun night. My cousin and I were dressed up for the party, and I remember him wearing an odd bandana that night. It was the first time I had seen one in a while and I remember it leaving an impression on me. Around this time, it was a big transition period of my life. I wrote the lyrics in light of what was going on and how everything was happening so quickly. Sometimes it takes a couple of big events to help change someone and help them realize what really matters.”

Armed with the nostalgic sound of yesteryear, LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING’s songwriting consistently sticks with the times. Refreshingly original and vivid from the get-go, ‘Bandana’ is bathed with a chilled soundscape suited to flat you into the clouds.