Letlive Slam Dunk South Review and Photos

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Letlive Slam Dunk South

Jason Butler is possibly one of the most entertaining, all be it slightly crazy, front men around at the moment. Starting off with the aggressive ’27 Club’ and climbing all around the stage and running around like a mentalist, Jason really shows you what a front man should be like. He engages with the crowd, jumping into the front rows and really creating an intense atmosphere, wide eyed and erratic looking he delivers the words to his songs with passion and intensity.

The band stomp through a collection of hits such as ‘Dreamers Disease’, ‘That Fear Fever’ and ‘Virgin Dirt’ off their latest album ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ the band provide enough intensity and energy to get everyone moving. Their songs provide complexity and depth through heavy but melodic guitar riffs and Jason Butler sings with conviction and passion through both his voice and his performance.

Delving into the iconic anthem ‘Muther’ with it’s dark and sadistic lyrics, they capture everybody in the catatonic sing-along towards the end of the song. They flow through a few more songs including ‘Banshee’ and ‘Casino Columbus’ and finish off with crowd favourite ‘Renegade 86’. Possibly the highlight of the set, definitely the loudest sing-along, Letlive. firmly secure themselves as post-hardcore masters and leave the stage on a high. 8/10

Words by Jenna Hunter

Photos by Fay Cranham

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