Leonardo DiCaprio to join Meshuggah on stage?

February 21, 2014 | By:

Leonardo DiCaprio to join Meshuggah? –¬†You may remember, a few days ago, we posted an amusing YouTube video featuring a short scene from Martin Scorsese’s latest hit movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, dubbed over with Meshuggah’s Rational Gaze track. Since then, the video has gone viral with almost 2 million views on YouTube. The 15 second clip shows Leo DiCaprio going absolutely apeshit to the sound of the Swedish metal masters, and the combination fits almost a little too perfectly, with hilarious results.

And why is this important exactly? Well, the bizarre mash up that only a madman could’ve created, could be reenacted in the flesh at this years Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee, thanks to another madman going only by the name “Ricky FTW”. The user on the popular campaigning site change.org has created a petition that states:

Leonardo DiCaprio needs to fully embrace his newly found importance in the metal scene by joining Meshuggah on stage for at least one song. He must wear a suit, and everyone in the crowd must pound their chests.

We all wanna see this…right? Of course we do. The petition currently has 2,228 signatures and needs a further 664,438 to get the iconic actor up on stage to gurn alongside frontman Jens Kidman. So get signing here! Or Leo will come for you.