Kids In Glass Houses Slam Dunk South Review and Photos

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Kids In Glass Houses Slam Dunk South

Two words. Smart Casual. An absolutely iconic album from the South Wales rockers Kids In Glass Houses. Playing their debut album in full, at what is their last Slam Dunk South appearance ever, as the band set to split after their farewell tour in October, Kids In Glass Houses make you question everything that is wrong with the music scene today. How can a band that absolutely light up the room and receive one of the best crowd reactions of the day, be splitting up?

There are mixed emotions in the room, sadness fused with fantastic memories and an album that has touched so many people and a band that have been continuously on the scene throughout their eight year career which is rapidly coming to an end. As they whirl through a collection of fantastic songs such as ‘Give Me What I Want’, ‘Easy Tiger’ and ‘Saturday’ they receive the sing-along of the weekend, with the crowd lifting off the floor on every beat and singing their hearts out to every word. They progress into the dancy and underrated ‘Lovely Bones’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Girls’ and the crowd don’t let up even for a second. The people in the room clearly loved this album just as much as I do. Looking at the ages of people in the room the album was probably released when they were aged 15-17, now in their 20’s the album still holds as much relevance, if not more. The lyrics somehow seem even more relatable now we’ve aged and the album pulls strings on everyone’s hearts as they lead into the more sombre ‘Pillow Talk’ and the lighters come out, a truly perfect ballad, and possibly one of the highlights of the night. Raise Hell also provides a highlight, a song which was always secured as a priority on their set lists from 2007-2009, hasn’t been played as much in recent years and it yet the crowd know every word singing them back at singer Aled Phillips as loud as they possibly can. Rounded up with the last song on the album ‘Church Tongue’ KIGH have played an absolutely flawless set and delivered the songs with as much passion as the crowd delivers back to them.

They then dive into a short collection of some other favourites, the punky ‘Artbreaker’ gets the whole crowd involved in a mosh pit and everyone bouncing around and ‘Young Blood’ provides another flawless sing-along. However the last song of the night ‘Matters At All’ is the one that really hits home. With the last words being ‘Goodnight’ repeated over and over it somehow really sinks in that this is one of the last times we’ll see this band. The band that have played one of the sets of the weekend. The band that have countless hits loved by everyone in the room. The band mean so much to so many people. The band that have worked so hard playing an endless amount of shows over the years. The band that have provided us with so many amazing memories that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. The band that have made records that will forever be underrated but never forgotten. All I have to say is thank you. Thank you Kids In Glass Houses for being the first band I ever saw in a bar and the first band I ever travelled out of London to see, the first band I really fell in love with in a personal way. Thank you for allowing me to grow up with you as my soundtrack. You will be sorely missed.

10/10, obviously!

Words by Jenna Hunter
Photos by Fay Cranham

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