Jakob Mind Interview

March 4, 2021 | By:

Photo taken from Jacob Mind PR

1) Hi Jacob, thank you for doing this interview for Rock Industry Magazine First of all I must say you are absolutely brilliant with a unique punk sound that always leaves us wanting more. ‘The One That Got Away’ is certainly a much needed release from you after such a hard year with the Covid-19 pandemic. After your success with ‘Rotten Mind over the years what inspired you to embark on this new solo adventure?

  • Thank you. This project was just kinda happening. I always wanted to try recording something all by myself but never got around to do it, so now with covid and all that shit I got the time for it.

2) What was the inspiration behind ‘7 Days’ and what made you choose this particular track for demo release?

  • It’s about touring. I have a hate/love relationship to touring. It’s hard to be away from loved ones but at the same time it’s the one thing I want to do. When I released that song before it wasn’t even mixed or anything, that was just one of the three first songs I recorded and I wanted to show something. This wasn’t supposed to be an album really from the beginning so I just put it on soundcloud.

3) Over the years what band would you say has most inspired you and helped to influence you on your own creative journey?

  • Many bands. But one band that always followed me and has influenced me in every band I’ve been in is The Ramones. But as you keep playing and getting other influences and preferences it grows in to something else. I’m always looking for my own thing and influences doesn’t matter as much now as they did when I was 15.

4) Given your extensive musical talent and ability you have been able to play all instrumental sections yourself. How do you feel this has shaped the new Solo album and would you say you have stuck to your well recognised sound?

  • I think it sounds like me, basically. When you’re in a band there’s more inputs from the band, and when you do it yourself it’s just you. I thought it was nice to just build the song in my head and then try to put it on tape. It gets a different feel to it, I think.

5) Would you say this unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic has had an influence on any of the tracks your fans can expect in the new album and are they based on life experiences?

  • Not really. I feel like I haven’t been living my real life this past year. It’s on pause right now and I’ll pick it up from where it was before when it’s over. The only thing that would be influenced by this shit year is the fact that I actually got around to do this album, but not in the way I write songs.
Photo taken from Jacob Mind PR

6) Given that there may finally be a light at the end of this rather dark tunnel with the announcement of certain festivals etc expected to hopefully continue this year do you have any plans for live performances?

  • We’re waiting right now. We had to cancel a whole tour with Rotten Mind last year and it really sucks, so now we’re waiting for everything to feel a little more clear. But when the world is opening up again, we’ll be out playing like never before.

7) What sounds can we expect to hear infused into your classic punk genre?

  • I’m not sure I know what you mean by that. But this record I would say is just rock n roll played my way.

8) When will ‘The One Who Got Away’ be expected to be released and what platforms should we head to be the first to stream this magnificent new album?

  • It’s released on april 16th and will be available everywhere I think. I don’t really know what people use for streaming but I guess Spotify and all those things. But people should really get the vinyl.

9) Do you plan to have any online performances between now and when the world can finally return to live shows?

  • No, that’s not my thing. I think it just doesn’t give me or anyone anything. I’d rather do music videos then. But I’ve done 3 music videos this year so that’s enough. I think you can do streaming shows if you do it well, but it doesn’t replace a real live show in any way so I just doesn’t see the point in doing it at all.

10) Finally would you say that once your fans have fully enjoyed this new musical venture do you have further plans for future solo albums?

  • Time will tell. I have some songs and some day maybe I’ll record them. Right now I’m focused on new Rotten Mind songs and that’s what I’ll be doing for some time now.

Thank you again Jacob for giving your time for this interview and I for one will unquestionably be looking forward to ‘The One Who Got Away’. It has been a pleasure!

  • Thank you!
Photo taken from Jacob Mind PR