Austin from Rise to Remain [Interview]

March 20, 2012 | By:

Rock Industry’s Amy and Will joined Austin Dickinson from Rise to Remain on the 7th day of headlining the Progression tour, heavily armed with Heaven Shall Burn, Adept, Malefice and Cytota brandishing the line-up.

Talking tour stories, latest album ‘City of Vultures’, opening Download Festival main stage, hitting the studio and new additions to the band, Josh on bass and Adam on drums.

After performing a killer set in Manchester that evening, we predict that one of the UK’s rising metal acts Rise to Remain are well and truly set for big things in the future.

RI: How are you all guys?

Yeah we’re really good this is…what date is this?, this is a good way into the Progression tour, it’s been really good fun, got five awesome bands, well four awesome bands, one band that is trying to be awesome like us, we got Malefice, Cytota, Adept & Heaven Shall Burn and of course us. Yep it’s been really good fun and we’re jelling nicely so it’s been cool.

RI: That’s really good, have you got any funny stories from the tour?

I guess every single night there’s a couple, last night we had this dressing room that was like right next to the stage and had like this 2 way window that you could see into, so you could only see into the dressing room when the indoor light was on and literally you couldn’t see out front from like the people but you could see everything from the side of stage so we was just like in there turning the lights on and swaying in time to the bands who were on before us and shit like that, that was kinda funny. Just stuff like that we’re just kinda mucking around having fun

RI: Sounds really good, did you know any of the bands before coming on tour?

We know Malefice, we know Cytota, we are totally new to Adept and Heaven Shall Burn are obviously like a very very classic metal band so we are familiar with them but we have never met them so it’s cool to get to know them

RI: What were your main influences for ‘City of Vultures’?
I guess, lyrically my influence was life in general, where we were as a band where I was as a person I suppose so I drew a lot from that for lyrical inspiration I guess like musically, probably Killswitch Engage, Sikth, Metallica, Nevermore, so many different influences that we kind of compacted together and tried to like build on that from the ground up

RI: How was it opening for Iron Maiden?
It was weird [laughs]

RI: Did you get a good reaction?
Yeah it was really cool we did like 5 or 6 shows with them in Europe which was really cool. We got a pretty good reaction, there was so many people there

RI: Like a festival?
Yeah like the biggest one we did was like in Indonesia it was something like 30 to 40,000 people, it was just like tonnes of people so that was crazy, it was really good fun and we really enjoyed ourselves like it was cool doing it, I don’t think it’s something we want to make a habit of because we are a band that has a really independent lease of life away from Iron Maiden so we wanna adhere to that stereotype at all but it was cool doing 5 or 6 shows like sure very cool.

RI: What was it like playing to crowds in places like Singapore and Indonesia – how did the crowds differ?
 Jakarta and Bali was interesting, Jakarta was like I guess it’s predominately Muslim, it’s like a Muslim country sorry Muslim state and Bali is like Hindu, so it’s funny going to two majorly religious places. It’s interesting how heavy metal is translated so that was kinda interesting and I guess they are both very similar they like to jump around and singalong and drink a couple of beers, it’s interesting I think music is a universal language so if you’re plugging in and playing generally what you are trying to say translates to the fans so you know it was pretty similar, it’s cool though

RI: Are you looking forward to play Download Festival?
Oh my god I cannot believe we are opening main stage which is like my dream you know it is all of our dream we spent being kids looking up at that stage and before that it was Monsters of Rock which is like the old classic one so it’s an hour yeah it’s an honour

RI: Have you been there before and not playing?
Yeah yeah tonnes of times I have been to Download so many times

RI: It is such a good festival

Yeah I love Download lovely metal festival

RI: Where do you see yourselves in the next couple of years, what would you like to do?
I guess just being a bigger band, a better band with a bigger and more contented fan base, providing better music erm having more fun and more dreams I guess it’s what we can only hope for you know at the end of the day, punching a shark in the face would be pretty cool

RI: It’s something new
Yeah it’s something crazy

RI: When are you next looking to go to the studio?
Actually we just got out of the studio we just did 4 tracks with Dan Weller who did our EP, ‘Bridges Will Burn’ and we just got out of the with him and did 4 tracks for the ‘City of Vultures’ and yeah they are sounding great, I was actually listening to a mix when you guys walked in I was like whoa. But yeah with new albums and stuff like that will be taken care of maybe later this year or early next year something like that

RI: Sounds really good, you have recently had Josh (bass) & Adam (drums) joined the band, how have you got on musically?
Amazingly, really really well erm like the cool thing about having those guys in the band is that they were studying at colleges you know to erm become like a professional drummer and a professional bassist so it’s cool getting two guys who have been studying this and wanted this for such a long time just kind of getting the chance to do what they wanna do which is cool so it was awesome seeing their reactions when we told them

RI: They must have gone crazy
Yeah it was really cool and I am stoked that they are with us they’re really good guys, really good guys

RI: Are you playing any other festivals other than Download?
In the UK no, we are doing ROCK AM ring and Rockin’ Park in Germany we are doing Sonisphere in Spain and I think there is a couple of others we have announced them yet erm and then we are doing Warped Tour in the states which I am really stoked about that it will be our first time in the States and I guess the next couple of months are under our hats it’s all secret but it is going to be amazing, it is going to be awesome

RI: Sounds really really good

Yeah that’s perfect

RI: What have you been listening to at the moment?

I have been listening to Killswitch Engage as usual, I am listening to a lot of Adept, a lot of Heaven Shall Burn actually erm mixes, mixes of our stuff and er I guess Times of Grace and The Safety Fire’s new album which everyone should go check out, it came out a couple of weeks ago and it’s called Grind the Ocean and it is fucking fantastic so check them out

RI: Thank you very much for talking to us

No problem guys, no problem, thank you for having me