FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES – Holding A Wolf By The Ears – Review – Issue 4

April 9, 2009 | By:

When I heard about FATA’s lead vocalist’s departure last year, unlike most I was rather curious to see what their ‘in progress’ material would sound like with a different line up. Neither of the later albums matched their debut record, and everything on the third release made it seem that the band was running out of ideas. I expected just a number of semi-decent rushed songs on the fourth CD by once one of the most influential bands in modern music. “Holding A Wolf By The Ears” proved me completely wrong.

The album starts with an absolutely furious track ‘Deth Kult Social Club’ which introduces the listener to Fran’s ear-piercing lead voice, which sounds more ‘FATA’ than anytime before. All 12 tunes merge one into another, and the selection of them is so intense it would make you hold your breath until the closing song. Many are based on a casual swing chord progression, but it’s the type of guitar riffs the band popularized half a decade ago, and the songs just sound ‘right’.

Bottom line – “Holding A Wolf By The Ears” shows a great level of maturity in band’s musicianship, and is arguably their best record since formation. A must-have for every fan, and extremely recommended for anybody into post-/metalcore music. [7]

Words: Mish