Foul Body/Autopsy Review

January 12, 2016 | By:

Photo taken from the Foul Body Facebook Page


Making a mark on the music scene this one man band Tom Reynolds produces a collage of metal sounds infused into one. With a string of performances up and down the UK Tom has now completed his next Foul Body Autopsy EP named ‘Perpetuated By Greed’. Tom uses music to express his outtake on the dysfunction of society using Black Death extreme metal to demonstrate this. Previous music by Tom have also sent out a political message regarding different things he feels corrupts the world, such as an EP called ‘So Close To Dehumanization’ which echoed his Vegan beliefs and looked at how societies need for meat is met looking at different countries laws on how humane animals are slaughtered. This led to a video ‘So Close To Complete Dehumanization’ leading to extensive backlash due to it’s very realistic nature.


Perpetuated By Greed explores environmental problems on a wide scale also touching upon different predicaments throughout. Tom has elaborated – “It’s a refection of how messed up the world is at the moment, and thanks to the right wing turn in politics and in the media a mood of fear and paranoia has taken hold. There are families drowning in the sea, running from the crossfire of blood thirsty extremist death cult and a desperate amoral military dictatorship, and instead of trying to help there are governments doing everything in their power to stop refugees getting to safety. As well as that, we have national newspapers here giving people, and someone in particular, space in their rag to call these affected people cockroaches! We have a Prime Minister who says that anyone that opposes war is a “terrorist sympathiser” and if we look across the pond things are not that much better… a man that looks like a biological car crash is running for president and most of the things he says are completely false but because most of his followers don’t trust the media he can create his own insane reality and have thousands of people blindly agree with him. The future isn’t looking too great.”

With great bands such as ‘Rage against The Machine’ using music to express changes that need to be made in society and amongst political agenda Tom has certainly caught my attention. Recorded at Parlour Recording Studio under producer Neil Haynes which also plays host to bands such as Napalm Death Tom has produced six tracks of fast drumming, distinct, unique guitar work and dark vocals. I for one will certainly be on the look out for his next up and coming UK show.

Photo taken from the Foul Body Facebook Page