Fall out boy – infinity on high

March 9, 2009 | By:

Fall out boy – infinity on high.

Four guys from Chicago, three best selling albums under there belts [‘From under the cork tree’ now selling past the 1 million mark] and Sold Out Tours from US and the UK safely confirmed. This is the music of the 21st century and now in this ‘myspace’ era we are in, fall out boy are hoping this will give them title of ‘best band on the planet’. I’m sure fans will label this as a ‘must have album’ I’m still pretty confident it will sell more than ’from under the cork tree’ even though the album was leaked onto the internet by an unknown source. But will this album make them or break them?

The First single from the album is ‘this aint a scene, its an arms race’ the typical, yet amazing, Hip-hop edged pop punk anthem (Which you will not forget) is also one of the songs that stands outs for me the most from the 14 tracked album. But it was the safe option for a first single and lines like ‘band wagons full, please catch another’ give what the albums about. Just being your self and on first listen to this album and I understand straight away.

The stadium size, Anthemic and unforgettable songs are ‘thnks fr th mmrs’ , ‘carpel tunnel of love’ And ‘The takes over, the breaks over’ All sound very different from each other but the best song on the album for me is ‘thnks fr th mmrs’ which is a show stopper and will be the highlight song of the New tour with the stadium show style, hard hitting drums and harmonies make this song just that bit more memorable. And you many not believe it but it has castanets in it….

Properly the least ‘fall out boyish’ song on the album is ‘The (after) life of the party’ it’s comes across as a mellow yet sensitive song but doesn’t really work with a big course and not so big verses. The lyrics aren’t anything special and yet it makes a change from the rest of the album just doesn’t work.

So in conclusion and to be honest, this album will make them by far. Also, Strangely, I liked this album before I heard it. But is that really the appeal and high expectations people have been hoping for? Is this THE most anticipated albums of 2007? Definitely yes. Is this album better than ‘from under the cork tree’? Yes. But Yet I cant help but feel this album is A moment in time, something you will look back on song by song and think ’wow that’s what happened in my life when…’ etc. And for that, I love it, I’m excited about what the boys have up their sleeves for the new tour.