Exit Ten – Interview

September 1, 2011 | By:

Today we caught up with Chris, the drummer from Exit Ten, to find out whats been happening since 2008, what contributed to the direction change and sound change and to talk about the new album.

Exit Ten are a band from Reading and first started to make an impact on the scene in 2006 and released their first album in 2008 to massive acclaim but things didn’t go according to plan after that. Talking to Chris we asked about how they started.

We got together in 2006 and started recording the first mini album with Andy Sneap and things seemed to be going well for us, we got some momentum and tours and exposure. Between then and 2008 and had a few setbacks but the full album finally came out in 2008. It was out for about 3-4 months then our label went into liquidation and this caused some problems. We then had legal stuff to sort out and things just seemed to go against up, we still toured though and had a lot of love from fans, if it wasn’t for that support they gave would have hung up the gloves.

So tell us about the new album?

The album is out on 10th October 2011 and we started recording it earlier this year. Its called ‘Give me Infinity’

The album sounds very different, why?

Things have moved on from 2008, because we’ve had a couple of years of developing and songs. The last album we only had the songs that ended up on the album, this time we had a lot of songs to choose from and lots have changed since then as i said above.

We thought it was important to come back with something that surprises people and we didn’t want to rehash old stuff. Our sound developed over the time as we were out trying them out and trying new things. We’re really confident on the songs, they are well rehearsed and ready to go. We are really positive about the album and its really important it gets heard for us and we are excited about it but a bit nervous that the more heavy fans might not like it.

So the first single off the album is “Curtain Call’ tell us about it?

The video went online yesterday and although there is no official release date for iTunes etc its more a fluid opener for the new album but we will release another single around the album release date in October which will be a set date.

The new album is a definite change in sound, has the last few years and setbacks contributed to this?

The setbacks haven’t weakened us, there are 3 brothers in band and we’ve been a band for a long time. We are very tight knit and together, when we had setbacks it never felt like it was an option not to work out for us as a band. We’ve had so many good things happen to us as well as the bad. We always believed it wasn’t the end and determination kicked in and we wanted to do another album. If we had been hit with something else then it may not have been meant to be but were confident we will always do well. We just thought ‘Lets just dig in and try and get back out there again’. When we go out and tour and do shows they are always good so were not ready to jack it in just yet!

In July and August you had a mini tour, how was that?

It went really well! To us it was a case of getting out there because we had not toured for a while. It was all about reminding people were still around and to start road testing the new material. We always enjoy playing and touring and we couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the fans. Hopefully we will be out for another tour in October to coincide with the album and then again in January. We are looking into some bands to go out with but it will be a package tour with other bands they’ve heard of, there was talks of Fei Comodo but all will be revealed.

So then what?

We are looking to do some single releases in October and hopefully over Xmas we will try to get out again. If not then in January there will be a lot of touring hopefully (UK and Europe) and we hope to be on the road up til festivals and end up at reading. That would be a great end for us to the season.

Chris has just moved house so we let him get back to sorting that out. The new album though has something a little special for the fist few hundred pre-orders from play.com and HMV. They should have some special goodies bundled with them so get pre-ordering now!

Words: Dave Massen