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One of my favourite band’s Acid Reign have graciously allowed an exclusive interview by Rock Industry Magazine bringing us up to speed on all things music related with this iconic band.  One of the Big Four when it comes to Thrash Metal Acid Reign certainly has everything  it takes to entertain all.  Originally beginning from 1985 to 1991 this legendary band rebooted in 2015 with only H remaining from the original line up.  Now consisting of Howard H Smith covering vocals, Cooky on guitar, Paul Chanter also on guitar, Marc Jackson on drums and Pete Dee on Bass who recently shaved his beard off in support of the charity Mind live on the Acid Reign Facebook page the band are as big and exciting as ever. Howard has gifted Rock Industry Magazine with this insightful interview………..

Photo taken from the Acid Reign Facebook page

With album ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ which was released in September of 2019 being the first album released in 29 years for the band what inspired you to release the album when you did?

“Oh like any other band the release timing is all down to the label. The album was all recorded a year previously and then it’s all about finding the right home for it. None of us were bothered when it came out, just as long as it did!”   

Reknowned for tearing up stages with outstanding Riffs and vocals for Bloodstock Open Air Festival and other private gigs will there be talks of a tour when thing’s begin to return to normality in regards to performances after  Covid-19?

Well you can see the tour dates on our Facebook page that were all booked and we will be rebooking for 2021.”    

With ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ released last year which excited fans across the globe, is there another album in the works yet?

“Ha ha ha ha ha very funny! 29 years for one album and then we just put one out straight after that? Without even touring the comeback album? Ha ah ha ha not a chance it will be a while yet. The Age Of Entitlement deserves it’s full tour and exposure. Not just for us but for the fans, loads of people all over the world tell us they want to see us playing these songs, from our first album in 29 years, live. So that is what is next and when we are tired of playing those songs it will be time to work on the follow up album. ”  

With such uncertain and terrible times during this Covid-19 Pandemic what will Acid Reign be doing to maintain interest and promote new music amongst your many fans?

“So you haven’t been watching what we have been doing then?! You are officially on a warning! Ha ha. We are live on our Facebook page EVERY SATURDAY with various special guests. We won’t be promoting new music as we don’t have any other than an album that is a year old that we haven’t had the chance to tour yet. Bands can get obsessed with ramming their music down everyone’s throats, that would get very boring and people tune out. We just hang out, chat, answer questions and try and get cool guests on like Jayce Lewis and James Murphy. ” 

Can we expect many online streamed shows and gigs from you until we have the fortune of seeing the band live once again?

“Not a single one I’m afraid. What you have just described costs a lot to put on, hire a venue, decent sound rig, decent camera set up (can’t use phones for that), camera operators, director, then you need a streaming service etc. Also you’re still playing an empty venue and one thing you cannot buy is atmosphere. The idea that is an option for ALL bands is not one that holds water. You need to have quite the organisation behind you and it is very expensive if you want to do it properly.” 

While listening to ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ album I would have to say my favourite track is The New Low.  What was the inspiration behind the song?

“Firstly I’m gad you like the album and the song! I don’t really do describing what lyrics are about as that song is about something different for everyone who listens to it. If I then sit here and say “I wrote it about this” that sort of ruins it for people. So whatever you think it is about? That is what it is about, for you. I’m cool with that.”   

What is your favourite track from this new masterpiece album and why?

“Ooo masterpiece, thanks! Ah I don’t do that either I’m afraid! Ha ha. I like them all, some more than others, then we start playing them live and some stand out more than others. It is a constant changing dynamic and relationship with each song as you play it each night so If I say one now, it will have changed by people read this then change again. I’m told by friends who have children that they love them all equally so I’ll go with that!”

Finally when we all get a chance to see you live at Bloodstock 2021 as there is an extra day added can we expect a fairly long set or any secret performances? 

“All performances will be the same set lengths as we were all contracted for in 2020. The extra day has got nothing to do with set lengths I’m afraid. It will still be the most fun you can have with your clothes on though, see you there we cannot wait!!!”      

Photo taken from the Acid Reign Facebook page

Thank you so much for this interview for Rock Industry magazine, you will always remain one of my favourite band’s and the day cannot come soon enough to see you on stage once more! Until then I will certainly be paying closer attention to your Facebook page and all the special guests you bring on! It has been a pleasure!!!

Photo taken from the Acid Reign Facebook page