Every Time I Die – Slam Dunk Festival (South) – [Interview]

May 30, 2012 | By:

We’d been outside drinking in the sun, when we got the call to ask if we wanted to interview Every Time I Die. “Sure,” we said, and here we are – with Jordan Buckley and Ryan ‘Legs’ Leger… And in typical British fashion, we start by referring to the weather…

Jordan: You guys aren’t used to this, right?!

Kay: Ha, no! It’s a bit of a shock to us…
Charlotte: That’s just from yesterday! (Pointing to her sunburn…)
Kay: It’s only on one arm though…
Charlotte: Should probably get the fake tan on to even that shit out.

Jordan: My friend drives delivery trucks for a living, so he’s always got that one arm that’s sunburnt – the one that’s out the window!

Kay: So, you’ve just been on tour…

Jordan and Ryan: We’re still on tour!

Kay: Okay, still! But the last day of tour over here in Europe; Germany, Sweden… Right? With Cancer Bats, Set Your Goals and Make Do and Mend. How was that?

Ryan: It was amazing. Good tour, good turn out, good friends, great bands… It was awesome!

Kay: Fun?

Ryan: So much fun.
Jordan: I think it’s the best tour we’ve ever done, especially out in Germany. We always come over and get a lot of weird stares and this was the first time we actually felt that the crowd was rowdy every night, like, for us… Usually we go on tour and every band gets a good response, but when we play–

Kay and Charlotte: Aww, what?!

Jordan: I think everyone’s coming around now – it’s great!

Kay: About time! I think some of those guys are playing today as well… In fact, all of them are, aren’t they?

Ryan: Yeah! The whole tour…

Kay: So are you gonna be catching any of those guys? I think you clash with a few of them…

Jordan: Some of them are, like Set Your Goals – they just finish as we’re kinda getting ready to go on. I’m sure we’re all sick of each other anyway. We’ve just watched each other on tour for three weeks straight.
This gives us a chance to check out our buddies in Architects, Gallows… We’re gonna check out Taking Back Sunday and stuff, too.

Charlotte: So, festivals must be a pretty good opportunity to hang out and see other bands then?

Ryan: It’s great – you get to see a lot of bands you haven’t seen in a long time, too.
Jordan: I love live music. When I’m not on tour, I go to shows at least once a week. I don’t really get burnt out by live music; I love it. Even when we do these things, I’ll check out other bands. Taking Back Sunday I watched as soon as I was done packing yesterday (at Slam Dunk North). I’m a fan of music, I like this shit!

Kay: Who else have you seen recently? Could have been on tour, back at home…?

Jordan: Before I went on this tour, who did I go and see…? I went to see Balance and Composure and La Dispute; that tour was awesome. I saw Refused…

Kay: Ohhh! Where did you see them?

Jordan: Back in California – that’s where I’m currently residing. I also saw The Hives two nights in the row. They’re one of my favourite bands… So yeah, I am a paying customer! General admission! Oh and yesterday I caught Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything, it’s just good stuff, y’know?

Kay: And have you seen anyone?

Ryan: I do the complete opposite! When I’m not on tour, I want nothing to do with going into a sweaty room with a few hundred people! I’ve got two kids at home, too. So when I get home, I go fishing, have a barbeque, spend time with the family and just chill out…

Charlotte: I think that’s what I would do!

Ryan: Yeah! I do not want to be in a loud room with a lot of people…

Charlotte: I’d go home and just sleep… It must be crazy doing so many tours and festivals. You must want to escape back to that home environment sometimes?

Ryan: Definitely, but it’s the best of both worlds. We all grew up wanting to do this, and now it’s just getting that balance between family life and doing what we’ve always wanted to do. It’s nice to know that both worlds are here, though.

Kay: And are you guys looking forward to today?

Jordan and Ryan: Yeah – can’t wait!

Charlotte: Have you played Slam Dunk before?

Ryan: Nope, this is our first time.
Jordan: Well, just yesterday…

Charlotte: I only live twenty minutes away, so I’ve been a few times. It’s nice to have something this close.

Jordan: It’s pretty close to London… Are we in London?

Kay: …ish.
Charlotte: It’s about half an hour on the train from London. When people ask where I’m from, no one ever knows where Hertfordshire is, so I just say London! I’m happy the weather’s so nice though…

Jordan: Yeah, so are we! Every time we’ve come here, it’s been near Christmas – sun’s down at 3 or 4 and it’s raining every single day. I didn’t even know you guys got this over here!

Kay: We’re not used to it! It’s pretty rare! Definitely doesn’t happen that often…

Jordan: When we come over and do tours in the fall and the winter, we mix the time of year with the jetlag, and there’s a good chance that you don’t even seen the daylight for like, a week.

Kay: Oh, no! That’s not ideal…

Jordan: You’re jetlagged, so you sleep until, like, 5… You get out of your bus and the sun’s already gone down… Then you’re up until 6 in the morning and then you go back to sleep…!

Kay: A never-ending cycle of darkness! Oh man… Well, I heard you guys discussing catering earlier, so I guess we’ll let you go get your food!

Ryan: Haha thanks!
Jordan: Are you coming to see us later?

Kay and Charlotte: Yes, we definitely are!

Jordan: Oh sweet, well, we’ll see you there!
Ryan: Cheers!