Engraved Disillusion Unleash the Embers of Existence

May 15, 2012 | By:

Taunton in Somerset is probably more well known for its cider making than it is for music, yet the chaps in Engraved Disillusion seem to have ignored this factor and set out to take over the world. Formed in 2009 and already becoming a force to be reckoned with, their album, Embers of Existence, promises to be a moment in music which you’re going to have to hear to believe.

From the opening moments of Wither Away right up until the closing of the album with Solitude there is one thing which you’ll notice – this is some heavy stuff. Despite this though, the band have managed to incorporate elements of melody and harmony into their music, not allowing the all out distorted power to fully take over and ensuring that this is an album that is going to be accessible to anyone who listens to it.

Taking the lead from the likes of Dark Tranquility, Dream Theater, Black Sabbath and Killswitch Engage, there’s a definite darkness to their music, using their musical ability to craft tracks which take you along with the band and tell you a story throughout. Notable tracks on the album are As Life Fades – a blisteringly fast melee of rolling double bass, hammering guitar lines and roaring vocal lines, Epitaph – a demonstration of the musical ability of the band and their understanding of melody and depth, and Under Blood Red Skies – a track which the likes of Devil Driver would be proud to call their own. Don’t let this make you think that you’re purely going to be subjected to heaviness though, this is an album which is going to surprise those who think they don’t like heavy, it might just change their minds.

In all, what you’ve got here is an album which sounds far more accomplished than it should be, especially given that the guys have only been together since 2009. The sound that Engraved Disillusion have achieved is so polished and yet so raw that at times you’ll find yourself simply listening, unable to move or comprehend what’s going on around you, but knowing that whatever it is, it’s damned good to hear.

Highly recommended.

Words: Dave Nicholls