Download 2013 Review: Korn

June 20, 2013 | By:

Among the incredibly strong line-up on the Friday that would end in the giant’s slipknot undoubtedly destroying the main stage and ending the first day of bands in style, Korn were definitely one to check out. And those who did were not disappointed.

The main talking point and arguable attraction to heading over to the main stage for them was of course the inclusion of Head, returning the band to a more nostalgic and classic line-up that hasn’t been seen in years. This and of course the wide selection of weird and eccentric music that the band has nailed down to perfection over the years.

Their influence on many modern bands, as well as their ability to adapt in recent projects means they are still worthy of the respect and recognition that they boasted in their earlier years, and the crowd clearly recognizes this, greeting the dread-locked ensemble with riotous applause and a sea of enthusiastic headbanging. Korn were clearly performing for some die-hard fans on this day.

Playing a healthy mix of old and new, from thunderous opener ‘Blind’, fan- favorites ‘Freak on a Leash and ‘Falling Away From Me’, to the more diverse and potentially controversial dub-step-infused ‘Get Up’ and ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ it all goes down well with the eager crowd, who happily reciprocate the bands performance by singing happy birthday to drummer Ray Luzier .

Another great addition to an amazing day of music, bagpipes and all.