Cult Of Lilith Interview

November 7, 2020 | By:

This spectacular band from one of my favourite places in the world, none other than Reykjavík Iceland are all set to answer some burning questions for Rock Industry Magazine.  Formed in 2015 this outstanding Death Metal band has a mesh of Prog and Death Metal with infusions of classical structures along with many other themes they incorporate into their unique sound. 


1. After the release of your successful EP Arkanum in 2016 what can fans expect from the new full length album Mara?

Well, I´d say there’s a huge quality leap in almost every aspect for sure, writing, production, vocal variety, different sounds, etc.

  • Mario 

2. Who would you say inspired you with your musical creativity and influenced you towards the sound you are known for?

A lot of things really and many different artists that I’ve listened to throughout the years. It’s hard to narrow it down because it’s a kind of musical journey you take throughout life and pick up on things you like along the way. It shapes your taste and it evolves, lodging these tendencies and preferences in your subconscious.
Probably messing around on the piano at my grandmother’s place or playing the guitar at my uncle’s place at a young age inspired some musical intrigue. I could go on and on about artists or bands that have inspired me throughout the years, I have a playlist on spotify that people can access through our band profile on there so I recommend checking that out if anyone is curious to what inspired me throughout the years!

  • Daniel

3. When listening to ‘Purple Tide’ and watching the video set upon such an outstanding view matched with amazing vocals and instrumentals, I am drawn to ask what was the message behind this song and the original inspiration for the video? 

That songs comes out of anger and frustration, I wrote those lyrics after the resolution of a case of gang raping in Spain, my homeland. The corrupted justice system of course was stupidly soft with these scumbags, so it was therapeutic to write this story in which the rapists get the punishment they deserve.  

  • Mario

4. Known for consistent diversity in your style and sound, do you have another album in the works at the moment after drawing a world of fans in with Mara? 

We already have a few songs on the works for the new album, and we definitely want to keep exploring new sounds and widening our catalogue. 

  • Mario

5. Lilith is known briefly among Jewish, Christianity and some Pagan cultures.  What was the main inspiration in using the name Cult Of Lilith for the band? 

Lilith is such an interesting character with a very deep mythology ranging from different cultures and sources, a perfect subject for a cult. Having such a multifaceted background with different interpretations ties well into our music which is also diverse and has many different sides to it.

  • Daniel

6.With all of the unrest and uncertain times during Covid -19 what will you be doing to keep fans filled with new music etc from yourselves until such a time that gigs are a possibility once again?  

We are preparing some videos and playthrough videos to keep everyone entertained as long as the world doesn’t end! 

  • Mario

7. When live performances seem set to resume where can Cult Of Lilith fans expect to see you play?

Hopefully we will be touring Europe and the USA soon and everyone will be able to listen to Mara live!

  • Mario

8. Finally, after taking the musical world by storm with a rare and individual sound that makes Cult Of Lilith what they are, fans are dying to know what single can be expected to be released next?

The Full album is out now but we will be releasing a music video for the track ‘Atlas’ soon!

  • Mario

Thank you so much for taking some time out to answer some questions for all of your fans on Rock Industry Magazine,  You have absolutely become a firm favourite in my books and I for one can’t wait to see what is next in store and the day we get to enjoy you play live. 

Thank you very much for reaching out, it’s our pleasure!

  • Mario