Comeback Kid – Broadcasting

March 9, 2009 | By:

Comeback Kid – Broadcasting – Victory Records

When vocalist Scott Wade (amicably) quit a year ago, Winnipeg’s Comeback Kid could have disbanded in disillusionment, but they kept at it. Rather than recruiting a new singer, guitarist Andrew Neufeld took over vocal duties alongside his role as guitarist, and the band has now released its third album “Broadcasting”.

Recorded at Bill Stevenson’s The Blasting Room with Stevenson and Jason Livermore the production values are spot on, giving the album an immense and full sound with the unrestrained momentum of an out of control juggernaut.

The album speeds by in 33 minutes and I there is not a substandard number on it; from the scratchy speedy lone guitar refrain that opens Defeated to the feedback fade-out on final number In/tuition it is catchier than the plague while simultaneously ferociously unremitting in passion and energy. 

The guys have progressed significantly in song writing too.  They could have sat back and churned out a replica of last album Wake the Dead, and sold another 80,000 copies in the process but instead they’ve really upped the ante, with a heavier, more vibrant sound.

The drums crack thunderously, the bass lines drive the songs and the guitars are right up there in the mix: chugging and squealing; bludgeoning riffs ensuring the album doesn’t suffer from the tinny or weak sound of some in this genre.

Neufeld’s vocals retain the throatily strained yelled style of Wade’s, though if pushed I’d say he has a marginally better voice, and of course for the listener there are still plenty of gang vocals to sing along to.

In places (in particular on One Left Satisfied) the album has the vibe of my favourite H/C band Raised Fist. There are echoes of Snapcase too (The Blackstone), while In Case of Fire even brings to mind Propagandhi.  Of course, CBK are not merely copyists and they have enough of their own style to ensure that in Broadcasting they have delivered their best album to date.