Chris Clarke – Conifers – EP Review

March 30, 2021 | By:

Worcester based singer-songwriter Chris Clarke is the real deal. Storming onto the scene with his debut EP ‘Conifers‘, this artist not only has talent in the guitar world but also singing world too. Composed of only 3 tracks, ‘Conifers’ is still able to steal your attention and never let go of it. Gaining support from BBC Introducing, could this be the start of an incredible future ahead? We believe so.

Talking about the EP, Chris mentions, “It was written and recorded during the first two lockdowns in the UK. I had a body of work I had been working on and had tried the tracks out at local open mic sessions. My main idea was to have these recorded not as an acoustic solo act but with the fuller sound of a live band, but it was clear I needed to get the different musical ideas down on record first. As gigs were a minimum in 2020 it was the ideal time for me to gain some recording skills and make it happen.”

A press shot of Chris Clarke

Showcasing his blues roots throughout the release, ‘Conifers’ shines through with intelligence. From title track ‘Conifers’ and it’s reassuring nature, ‘Saviour’ and it’s Hendrix influence, and to ‘Little Echoes’ which showcases an emotive side to the EP, the release certainly has something that everyone can relate to. Chris is currently working on a full album, with plans to release it later this year. You can listen to ‘Conifers’ here.

‘Conifers’ artwork.