Bring Me The Horizon – Issue 2

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BMTH have just played to a full house in the Bournemouth International Centre, on the final leg of the UK tour as main support to Lostprophets, and gone down surprisingly well. After the show we’re ushered into a rather spacious dressing room backstage where a multitude of people are hanging out, including Sean Smith from the Blackout and BMTH friends and crew. With band members constantly coming and going, and whilst Curtis (Ward, guitar) plays with my camera, there’s some discussion about just who is going to do the interview with us, and finally vocalist Oli Sykes is persuaded to sit still long enough to have a chat. Whilst we’re sitting comfortably on chairs he and Curtis lounge on the floor in front of us, twiddling with plastic glasses and being in an obvious playful mood.

Rock Industry: Hey guys. So we’re here in Bournemouth…

Curtis: …which on all the traffic signs is spelt ‘BMTH’.

At this point my typed sheet of questions is taken from my hands… the band have decided to interview themselves for a while it seems.

Curtis: Oliver, you’ve had a very productive but demanding 2006…you’ve played some big shows, won awards and just finished a long headlining tour of the UK. What has been the defining moment of this year for you as a band?

Oli: Probably playing Download Festival, because that was amazing! I got a bottle hit on my head, but I didn’t care. And winning the Kerrang! award (for best UK Newcomers).

Curtis: And playing with Killswitch (Engage), even though we went down like a bag of shit it was pretty cool to be the only support band from the UK.

Oli: Metalcore’s most successful. Ever.

Oli: Curtis, how did the tour go? Any juicy tour stories you can share?

Curtis: The tour went pretty well, it was alright.

Rock Industry: Oh come on, something controversial must have happened.

Curtis: I smashed a guitar.

Rock Industry: How did that happen?

Curtis: Ahh if Gibson read this they’ll think I’m bragging about it. I’ll tell you a juicy story though…we got in a gridlocked traffic jam on the M4, put Justin Timberlake on, and me and Matt (Nicholls, drums) got totally naked and danced around out on the motorway in front of all the cars.

Curtis: Your debut album Count Your Blessings was released last month. Despite being clearly much better produced with a higher quality of recording than your EP, and receiving good reviews in music press, some of your old skool fans are seemingly unimpressed. Are you concerned about this?

Matt: I am!

Curtis: Our EP is the worse thing in the world! How can they not understand how bad it is? They say they only like us ‘old skool’ but that’s rubbish, they don’t.

Oli: What do you say to accusations that it’s been rushed?

Curtis: That’s bullsh*t, it took us long enough to write it. 3 years?!

Oli: How can it be rushed when we haven’t had an album out before?

Rock Industry: Well to be honest I think they meant the recording..

Oli: We had a month to record that! I wrote all the lyrics in like a day

Rock Industry: What about the instrumental on it? Who’s playing it?

Curtis: We did that in a day.

Matt: That’s f*cking mint!

Curtis: It’s me and Lee. This is my bit, the instrumental.

Rock Industry: Do you not think it’s a strange thing to stick in the middle of a hardcore metal album?

Oli: That’s why we did it.

Curtis: It lures the audience into a false sense of security…and then “oh, broke your face!”

Oli: It’s for our parents, that bit.

At this point the guys get fed up of interviewing themselves and hand the questions back over to us.

Rock Industry: Do you feel Count Your Blessings is more representative of you as a band than the EP?

Oli: A lot of it is just music we wrote so we could go play some shows. We didn’t exactly put everything into it.

Rock Industry: Nearly every BMTH show we’ve been to there have been calls from the audience for songs like Rawr and Dragon Slaying.

Curtis: Think about Rawr…do you know how I wrote that? Over the internet to Oli…

Oli: Tell them to swivel…that’s the last thing we want to say about that.

Rock Industry: Why did you choose to write with Dan Sprigg, and what was he like to work with? Wasn’t Andy Sneap going to do it originally?

Curtis: We didn’t choose.

Oli: Let’s just say Dan Sprigg is a mythical little elf that can make music sound amazing, so why would we not want to work with him? That’s it.

Curtis: He’s the man. He did Disturbed’s live album.

Oli: He did the Cradle of Filth album, Fake Sound of Progress (Lostprophets), and Bring Me The Horizon ‘Count Your Blessings’, which is probably the best album out.

Rock Industry: How much input did you have with the recording and production of the album in comparison with the EP?

Curtis: A lot more. We turned up to record the EP and a man said ‘we’re using this amp, and we’re setting it up like this..’

Oli: And then we played some riffs that sounded like this.. (cue screeching guitar impressions).

Curtis: If we didn’t there wouldn’t be any ‘booms’.

Oli: We invented ‘booms’.

Curtis: We didn’t invent ‘booms’.

Oli: Let’s just say we did.

Curtis: No because that would be a lie.

Oli: We invented UK ‘booms’. I’m sure someone in the UK’s got booms.

Curtis: Tripswitch had booms! Rotherham’s biggest band. I sent them an email saying ‘man, my ears are still ringing after the gig!’…when I was 13.

Oli: We owe everything to Tripswitch.

Rock Industry: What is the writing dynamic within the band?

Curtis: Me or Lee write a riff…so, together.

Rock Industry: And Oli writes all the lyrics, very quickly by the sound of it.

Oli: Yeah.

Curtis: Well I wrote the line ‘you f*cking bitch’.

Oli: No you didn’t.

Curtis: Yeah I did. Oli wrote the ‘I hate all my friends’ breakdown, on guitar.

Oli: I wrote a lot of riffs.

Rock Industry: So Curtis you’re claiming fame to writing ‘you f*cking bitch’ are you?

Curtis: On the album I play drums.

Rock Industry: haha, but everyone has an input?

Oli: We all say if it’s sh*t or if it’s good yeah.

Rock Industry: You’re currently on tour with Lostprophets, how’s it going? What kind of reception are you getting?

Curtis: A ‘surprising’ reception I’d call it.

Oli: We thought we’d get booed every night to be honest.

Rock Industry: Well the reception for you tonight was incredible, considering the tour was sold out a long time before you were added, and most of the audience are Lostprophets fans, and you’re a lot heavier sounding than any of the other bands on the lineup.

Oli: They probably don’t like us but it’s cool that they’re up for it. It’s cool if they like such a wide variety of music.

Curtis: Yeah, but if they bought it (the EP) I doubt they’d like it.

Oli: I think they’d get into it.

Curtis: Yeah, I did that with Killswitch (Engage) at first, I used to think it was so ‘out there’ and then I got into it.

Rock Industry: Have you got any plans for International tours next year?

Oli: Yeah we’re going to tour Japan, America and Europe. And your mum’s house.

Rock Industry: Is it surreal seeing yourselves in magazines you were probably reading 2 years ago?

Oli: No, I should be on every page.

Rock Industry: Look around and it’s very obvious that BMTH have had a huge influence on a number of new bands emerging onto the underground metal scene. What do you think about that, and do you like any of them?

Curtis: To be honest I don’t listen to much music.

Oli: I don’t listen to metal.

Rock Industry: Well lots of these bands have supported you at some point, do you watch their sets and think ‘yeah, I like this’, or do you just think they’ve ripped you off?

Oli: It’s a rare occasion that you can like or dislike a band just from a live show.

Rock Industry: But do you take it as a compliment or an insult?

Curtis: It’s a bit of both really isn’t it.

Matt: We’re used to bands ripping us off.

What are Bring Me The Horizon’s top 5 industry tips?

Curtis: Number one, get a Myspace page.

Oli: Get some songs.

Curtis: Number two, try not to say stuff in interviews that they can twist easily to make you sound like a complete pr*ck.

Curtis: Number three, this is an important point, learn to play the instrument.

Rock Industry: Is that an industry tip?

Oli: I’ve got a good one, don’t take pictures of your girlfriend performing oral sex on you and put them on the internet.

Curtis: Yeah, but you didn’t put them on the internet.

Oli: Number four, tour your ass off!

Curtis: Have a guarantee before you play a show…of at least getting your petrol money.

Rock Industry: So those are your top 5 tips?

Curtis: Yeah basically get a mypace page, get a good song on it, straighten your hair, get a guarantee and tour your ass off.

Marianne Harris