Boomtown Fair Chapter 11 (2019)

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page

Boomtown fair Chapter 11 was certainly the best festival to atend this year. With bands and DJs listed to perform ranging from the best well known artists to up and coming musical performances on every stage and mini venue there was not a dull moment to be had. There was a variety of food to cater for every dietary need or requirement, an abundance of speakers, poets and other and other enterainment over the days and an atmosphere pulsating nothing but positive and happy vibes throughout the time. The gates for Boomtown opened on the Wedenesday 7th August running straight through to the Sunday 11th. With Wedneday consisting of a few acts yet still classed as a set up day it gave the opportunity to get camped, set up and prepared for the amazing day’s to come.

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page
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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page

Boomtown has to be one of the largest festivals I have had the oportunity to attend, I would say far bigger than Reading or Download it is always exciting and never a dull moment with nothing to see or do. With a vast amount of smaller stages, hidden stages, seperated districts and at least three huge main stages to include Lions Den, Relic and Nexus there is well over 100 venues leaving nothing to be desired. Offering a multitude of different musical selections from World famous bands such as Napalm Death, Cancer Bats, Prophets Of Rage and Milk Teeth covering all Alternative aspects of the festival there was also a boundless selection of musical genre’s designed to suit everyone’s taste from the best Drum’n’Bass, Electronic, Punk, Grime, Death Metal,EDM,Hip Hop, Reggae and Jazz to name but a few. Some of my all time favourite areas had to include The Hidden Woods, Tangled Roots and Psy-Forest, all with their own individual looks and sound’s making them unique. I feel that Boomtown does not have the feel of a regular festival but more like its own little world with different towns and areas to see and experience with outstandingly detail. Sections including sets made particularly with children in mind and wild west area’s to give but a taste of a few of the well thought out and planned parts of Boomtown. With Boomtown set up like the most intricate labyrinth to see it all in the five days provided is still a hard feat as with so many doors leading to other places in town such as an Irish bar in full swing etc it is difficult to see and take it all in as the only word that can be used to describe it is emense.

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Demonstrating a political theme this year with a storyline regarding an Evil AI Overlord, promoting the intention world domination, Political control and internal turbulence the themes were made to feel exceptionally real and almost theatric to a certain degree as you find yourself submerged into the storyline, feeling the hidden but oh so true meaning behind it all and wanting to make the world a better place, not only for ourselves but future generations also. There was a concept this year of ‘leaving no trace’ which I feel was very important and also one that festival goers responded to as no one wanted to be the person leaving a severe amount of rubbish behind as well as discarded tents at the end of the festival. This was extremely useful as it made everyone aware of their carbon footprints, effects on the planet and preservation for the future of our world. It also brought into light the current political problems we are facing within our government’s including democracy, the right to be heard, current head’s of state elected and above all government control over the people and countries. With every detailed set in every district with an interactive theme regarding population and human control, as well as having an amazing time and experience at Boomtown it brought into question what society needs to do in order to bring about change and the continuation of society as we know it.

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page
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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page

With every stage and venue set up with magnificent sound systems, making each act sound completely flawless, tremendous lighting set in time for each individual performance and an atmosphere like no other Boomtown is truely distinctive and special with its own quirky feel. Some of my favourite acts to grace the stages this year was Chase and Status, Napalm Death, Prophets Of Rage and Carl Cox who gave none other than perfectly masterful and sensational performances with sounds and lights beyond comparrison. Boomtown is particularly special as it was not only the large stages playing host to the biggest acts arond the world but also small intimate shows throughout the time there. Each providing sound and lighting to enhance the feel and atmosphere of wherever the set was being performed.

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page

Not only did Boomtown have it all when it came to music, atmosphere, a kind and mindful crowd and food selections but also made a point of addressing all political issues of 2019. This was my very first experience of Boomtown and I for one can not wait until next year ie Chapter 12 as it has to be with out a doubt the best festival the UK has and Rock Industry Magazine will be there to take you through every amazment in store for 2020.
Until next year, leave no trace……………………..

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Photo taken from the Boomtown Fair Facebook page