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Black Veil Brides interview with Rock Industry.

Black Veil Brides are a band that seem to polarise the Rock World at times, recently confirmed for Download Festival here in the UK we caught up with Bassist Ashley to chat about how things are going right now and how long it does actually take them to get ready for a show……

RI: So Ashley, how are you and how is your 2012 so far?
AP: We’re great! We’ve picked up where we left off in 2011. Continually working everyday towards the ultimate goal of being the biggest band in the world. We’re still constantly touring globally and writing new material for the next full length release set to be out at the end of this year.

RI: Any incidents that have affected your plans?
AP: I would hope not, we’re only a couple months into the year. But the flu and a few broken bones have nothing on us. I think the only thing that could stop us at this point is death.

RI: What’s coming up for you in the near future and how excited are you for the festival season especially playing the same day as Metallica at Download?
AP: Still lots of touring all over, with the summer festivals included. Last year we played every major festival either on 2nd stages or lower in the time slots. This year we’re back to play all the festivals again, however this time, we’ve moved up to the main stages as well as secured prime slot times. Regarding playing on the same stage as Metallica at Download, to say we’re excited about it would be an under statement. We’ve each sited Metallica as individual influences. And with each of our bands on the same stage, that day is definitely going to show where Heavy Rock and Metal Music was and where it is going.


RI: Speaking of Download, what do you think of the “mixed” line-up with the likes of YM@6, yourselves and Chase & Status?
AP: To be honest, i don’t know of any of those bands, so I can’t comment. We’ve been so cacooned in the world of BVB we havent’ had alot of time to check out any other music. It’s only when we play with other bands we’ve never heard of is when we get exposed to them, such as in case and point.

RI: You’ve had a pretty crazy career so far and gained a lot of fans who call themselves ‘The BVB Army’, what are your reactions to the reception that you have had already?
AP: It’s always great to have such a loyal and dedicated group following you. Especially the fans who are apart of the BVB ARMY because those are mainly teenagers who are looking for a bit of escapism and something they can call their own and be a part of. We’ve definitely created a community environment in Rock n’ Roll that has been missing. Music should be about bringing people together, not segregating them.

RI: What has been the biggest highlight for you then?
AP: I’m a kid from a small town in the middle of America, 200 people to be exact. And for me to have had Sold Out shows in places like London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, etc. is beyond a dream come true. Where i’m from, people will never get to visit those places in their lifetime, let alone having people in those cities requesting that you be there.

RI: What is the next step for you?
AP: One step at a time.. ‘right, left, right, left…’

RI: Do you hope to reach big expectations for your next music video? Seeing as you have already set the bar pretty high with ‘Fallen Angels’?
AP: We always try to out do what we have previously done. That goes with anything. Even for ourselves, we have to keep ourselves entertained and wanting to do new and exciting things.

RI: What’s coming to the U.K to tour like for you?
AP: Last time we were in the UK, it was a continued growth of a fanbase. It was our first time headlining there and to Sold Out crowds. Our expectations would be the same this time. The UK is like a 2nd home to us.

RI: Via a fan blogging site, there is a lot of mention about Andy’s poetry writing, is this a current hobby or something he wants to expand on?
AP: Yeah, and Jinxx has a knitting hobby. Haa.. I really don’t know what you speak of. I would think by now people would understand that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. For instance, our own Wikipedia page is construde of all false information since its also public domain. So just to clarify, whoever is reading this, don’t read our wikipedia and question us based upon it.

RI: Just exactly how long does it take you all to get ready?
AP: Collectively, 6 hours, 24 mins, and 47 seconds.

RI: If you could only achieve one more thing in life what would it be?
AP: CEO of Playboy Enterprises

Interviewed by: Charlotte Tanner – Black Veil Brides Interview for Rock Industry.

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