Bastille Interview (Leeds Festival 2012)

September 7, 2012 | By:

Running like mad from the main arena to catch up with Bastille, I arrived at the press office panting like a hot Labrador that hadn’t had water for 5 weeks, and sweating more than Usain Bolt after a 30 mile run… First impressions, and all that jazz…. Fuck it, I was there to tell Dan that he had been compared to Dave Grohl (recording wise, not looks or music style – I need to make that clear)…

NS – Ok, you’re playing Leeds tonight, how was reading?
Dan – It was amazing, yeah. I’m a massive pessimist and dragged these guys down with me but we played to like a full tent, it was amazing and everyone was kind of jumping around and yeah, it was brilliant. We played til 7 in the evening and just had the nicest crowd, such a good time.

NS – So what are you expecting from Leeds?
Dan – Well, cos we’re all massive pessimists we expect there to be 3 people.

NS – I don’t think you’re going to have an issue there to be fair! The tent is already filling up and it’s gonna be pissing down rain so you are laughing.
Dan – That’s it!! When we heard we were in a tent, we were like that’s amazing and it’ll rain because it’s England and so everywhere fills us up..

NS – Go on, what are you guys on with at the moment, what are you doing?
Dan – We’ve just released, this week, the new single.

NS – I was gonna ask about that, how’s that gone?
Dan – Yeah, Good man. Really good, we got like a much better reception than we were expecting you know and it’s been played loads on the radio, which has been really surreal and people seem to like it and are buying it which is amazing. And yeah, seems to be doing really good…

NS – Can’t give my music away for free like! Oh fair play, so what are you planning post Leeds & Reading?
Dan – We’re heading to another festival tomorrow

NS – Which one?
Dan – It’s called Festibelly down in the New Forest, down along the way. Then yeah, just a bunch more festivals and then yeah, that’s it really.

NS – You guys planning to tour later on this year?
Dan – October, we’ve got sort of our biggest headline tour and we’re going all around the UK and yeah, it should be good.

NS – Are you hitting up Leeds at all?
Rob – Are we? Nooo… It’s the weirdest tour, we’re bizarrely missing out loads of towns which we played in loads, and really good and seem to be going to new places. It’s weird. And cos we love Leeds cos me and Dan went to uni here

NS – SWEET! Right guys, I had a comparison thrown at me today about you lot.
Dan – Oh no…!

NS – You were actually compared Dan, to Dave Grohl.
Dan – hahahahahah Sorry but… I’ve never heard that before

NS – Seriously, yeah, that’s what my boss said earlier
Dan – Visually?

NS – Nooo, musically he said.
Dan – I don’t think so!
Rob – Dave Grohl is my uncle so.. so that would make sense.

Leaving Bastille in a complete daze of total and utter confusion, I quickly ran outside to catch my next interview. Yeah – Big Dave will never forgive me for not explaining his reasoning behind the comparison. Onwards and upwards?