Huron – Mary Celeste – Review

September 15, 2011 | By:

Huron’s latest offering ‘ Mary Celeste released earlier this year has been getting some great reviews. We only just got a copy recently and decided to put it on see how it made us feel inside.

The album starts off as i would expect a gig to start with them, slow pounding into full blown metal rampage. The sound is very DOWN-esque but much thicker sounding. The title track ‘Mary Celeste’ throws the hardcore and thrash elements off the scale and gets you down and messy with the album. The tracks dont ease off after that either ‘Disperse or we fire’ continues the assault that makes you feel like you’re being beaten up by brutal thugs but secretly enjoy every kick you’re getting.

The album continues with some great tracks and the nearest you get to a let up would be tracks like ‘All my gods’ which sounds more melodic, kind of like the thugs have stopped beating you to let you enjoy the pain a bit before they smash you in the face again.

So you wipe your bloody nose, stand up, smile and continue with the album, adrenaline kicking in and you fight back. You’ re rewarded with ‘Eternal Sea pt 1’ which is more melodic and acoustic. A personal favourite of the RI guys and one that gives a great alternative sound to the album. No-one can pull off a full on brutal assault and this Stone Sour-esque song breaks the album up beautifully by these Plymouth metal heads.

The second to last track ‘Black harvest’ is a fantastic song that took us back to the old days of SOIL etc and really rounds the album off beautifully along with ‘Eternal Sea pt2’ a more heavy sequel to pt1.

All in all a good album, well produced and well worth a listen

Words: Dave Massen