Evilyn – War Is Now [Review]

August 28, 2012 | By:

When a band comes along, raw in talent and green in experience, you’d be forgiven into thinking, ‘shelve this one to watch in a few years time’… How wrong you would be to do so with London band Evilyn. Having just got back, hot off the trail from Leeds for the Metal Fringe 2012 festival to great acclaim, the boys have finished tracking their new single and are ready for you to enjoy it!

Here’s the track

The song starts off with an amazing guitar riff and is joined by strong drumming. The lyrics have an almost Ozzy feel to them from singer Ryder, but throw in a sound unique to the band. The chorus of interlinked lyrics and crowd encouraging chants really add to the song.

The lyrics are clever and show real maturity and are somewhat targeted in its views on war and its futility. So what do we think of it impartially and objectively as a track? The vocals and the guitar could use a dose of compression, and the levels could do with some extra tweaking as the vocals get lost sometimes. The guitars could be much punchier, however is purely technical improvements to make the song crash through peoples ears, rather than provide a background soundtrack.

The reason we mention these points is that the track is awesome and the band deserve to be shown in a great light, and the bedroom recording hasn’t quite produced this song in its best light!

Overall, this is one to watch now and not wait a few years to hear about them in other magazines, listen up now and remember who told you about them first… This is one band who already have people wanting to sign them!

So, what would we give it out of ten? Seven… But this band are so close to nines right now, let’s hope they get the resources to show it!

Words: Dave Massen