Photo taken from Holi Festival Of Colours Facebook Page

Holi Festival Of Colours Pre Event Review

The time is almost here for one of the best events of the summer, none other than Holi Festival Of Colours. Taking place in London Wembley Park on Saturday 13th… Read more »


Photo taken from the Bestival Facebook page

Bestival Pre Festival Review

The countdown has begun to my favourite festival of the year, none other than one of a kind Bestival held in the Isle of White.  Bestival has certainly stood apart… Read more »


Photo taken from Google Photos

London Life

In a bid to find what is exciting in London I have decided to visit different venues in an attempt to find the best atmosphere and music the city has… Read more »


Photo taken from Deadly Circus Fire Facebook Page

Deadly Circus Fire Review

The London Camden Underworld recently played host to outstanding Deadly Circus Fire who put on an undeniably magnificent  performance at this superb and exceptionally popular music  venue.  This four piece… Read more »


Photo taken from the New Jacobin Club Facebook page

New Jacobin Club Review

In search of a unique Punk band I have been fortunate to come across New Jacobin Club, originally from Saskatoon Canada and consisting of The Horde – Vocals/ Guitar, Poison… Read more »


Photo taken from the Oh! Gunquit Facebook page

Oh! Gunquit Review

Always on the look out for new and exciting bands I have found an amazingly diverse and non commercial UK band in the form of Oh! Gunquit. With Debut album… Read more »


Photo taken from the Devilskin Facebook Page

Devilskin Review

From the other side of the world, native to New Zealand Devilskin are due to release a new single ‘Start A Revolution’ on February 26th to celebrate and mark their… Read more »


Photo taken from the Foul Body Facebook Page

Foul Body/Autopsy Review

  Making a mark on the music scene this one man band Tom Reynolds produces a collage of metal sounds infused into one. With a string of performances up and… Read more »



Jazz Cafe Saun and Starr preview

  The Jazz Cafe in London can only be described as one of the best places to be if you appreciate diverse music and extraordinary talent in a fabulous swanky… Read more »


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